samedi 4 juin 2011

so far, how green is your sunday ?

i have this strange feeling about being in byron bay and, with time, it is even more here. this feeling to be in the good plqce good for me, good for my brain.
on wenesday, my computer died, definitly. and i buy a new one, here, in byron, like if it was home, with this english spelling keyboards, forgetting about french.
and here i am , on a grenny sunday, felling like i am at home.
guess what, it is time for me to go foward in this relationship between me and byron!
so i am dreaming and, hopefully, i will push myself to make this dream becoming real.
i could talk about the beaches, about those people i meet here, about yoga, about the countryside, about the rain and i will agree with this : it does fit me
strange to feel at home, somewhere else but it is great.
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