jeudi 29 avril 2010

the little red dress project

i am working on a specific project, the little red dress.
it is like a concept not anymore just dance or theater.
the subject is sad. it is talking, trough art and poetry about how it is difficult to become an adult when you have been abused as a child.
it is talking about so many silent's whitness, so many people closing eyes when they might have see, ear or feel those kinds of situations.
i am working on this project with a dance, an actress, a singer and a music composer.
i want to open the project to every one, thinking of interactivity with audience, with schools may be.
would like like to participate ? by sendind an art piece with a red dress ?
what do you think ?
here is one, i am working on , but i let it because i dont nejoy that much canvas, fro now it is not finish and i dont really like it, too light...
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