mercredi 28 avril 2010

full moon pink and whiscasting

what a strange day, nothing was pink in my day, a very hard day time for work, like a patience's test.
so i didn't have time for art.
but i know , lots of you, will post nice and good vibrating art that i am pushing forward to still think pink for my hard emotional day.
sometimes being an artist in the strange world of " alives art" can be so difficult. but even when it is like this , i still think that i am here for be this, an artist, a choreographer, a artistic director, a dancer, a writter from slaming words!!!
even for dark's days.
and i am happy to have this page for release and share, with no rules, just creativity
my dreams are to be more in peace, for me, for us, for the word.
my dream is honesty, courage et compassion for each of us to find the road for be a better human
my dream is to discover more the world, the people everywhere.
thanks to all of you and i wish for all an full pinky juicy and creative day

my only pink part was the fruit of the garden!
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