mardi 23 avril 2013

questions... more questions

it seems that when i have to question myself about work, about difficulties facing work, as an artist, also as a women, i need to paint some part of my house, paint doors or walls halps me to relax mu brain, to go deeper into the subject. i feel confuse right now, about all, about age, about art, about love. like a ineed to be in a second life, i need to dream, i need to talk about dreams with some one outside of my daily life. someone who i can write without be strong, or beautifull, or i could send poems.. or cry or smile or... the blog could be this friend. i feel like i am far away from be clear, closed to disturb fragile. got to jump into yoga but feels like i am block, stopped or freeze. walking early morning is my other way of yoga and you readers, what do you think, what is your way to deal with it ? any suggestions ?

3 commentaires:

Celeste Bergin a dit…

I guess I just keep going even through uncertainty. I hope you will do the same. These are lovely photographs!

Nadja a dit…

For me it's photographing. And sometimes writing, too. Writing to one of my pen palls about what bothers me usually helps. Even when they don't respond. It's like writing a diary I guess. Just collecting your thoughts so that you can put them into words and sentences already helps.

Anonyme a dit…

Your photographs are stunning...very nice work!